Pokemon Items for Sale (Updated Feb.2015)

Things to keep in mind::
-Will hold for 24 hours. :3
-Pokemoncollectors-- Sales Permission granted by Lineaalba in 2010.
-Payment is due within 24 hours (No Echecks please)
-I ship from the USA
-I will sometimes re-use bubblemailers because I'm a recycling hippie. If that's a problem let me know.
-I will not ship internationally since I use an automated kiosk after business hours in the post office lobby. Sorry! :c
Minimum order of $2.00 please!
-Tracking can be added for a $2.00 fee.
-Paypal ONLY
-No returns (I am not responsible for packages once I've shipped them)
-Please do not ask to buy one item out of the mixed lots! D: No lot separation!
-Items come from a pet friendly household. The pets aren't allowed near my collections but sometimes stray hairs will follow.
-I also do burn incense in my home but I do not allow smoking. So there might be some sandalwood scents too! I do try to have all of my plush away from the rooms where we burn scents and also let them air out (just in case) before shipping.

+No trades at this time.

+Feedback is located here:
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Banpresto Kyogre (with fins tied together): $18
Small Kyogre plush keychain: $7

Vinal Kyogre PokePark w/ butt tag: $70

Bottle Figure: $5
Gacha Machine (with inserts): $8
Battle Figure: $5
Chess Piece: $10

Tomy (mint in box): $8
Star base Kyogre mini-figure: $4
Clear Tomy: $5
Kyogre Squirter (loved): $8
Kyogre Bank: NLA

Clear Kyogre kids: $5 each
Splashing Kyogre kids: $3 each
Normal Kyogre kid: $3
DX Kyogre kid: $7
Kyogre Lego Piece: $15

Kyogre Settei Set: $10

Mudkip Canvas Plush (tag attached)-- $40 shipped obo

Lion kid set-- $10 for the set

Jakks Murkrow (tush tag and paper tag)- $15
Jakks Murkrow (tush tag)- $10
Mudkip plush (no tags)- $3

Banpresto Mudkips with tush tags- $15 each (ONE SOLD)
Mew Pokedoll with tush tag- $15

Mudkip plush (missing 2 seeds, has tush tag)- $10   SOLD
Small mudkip plush with tush tag- $5

Jakks Sandile plush with tush tag and paper tag- $5

Thank you~!